I appreciate being able to continue classes with you via Zoom. You teach me so much about my body and each class is just perfect.  My Mala beads are well used - praying for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Feeling so blessed for all the good in my life, including you!

Peace and Light

Regards,    Rita    -   2020


Yoga is one of the best stretching disciplines in which I have EVER engaged... and Chuna Rai-Nelson is the best yoga instructor I have ever had.                                  Not only is she very professional & knowledgeable in the art of yoga, but she incorporates a tender & empathetic standpoint that allows her class to only do what they are comfortable in attempting. She doesn't put pressure on her students. She just gives us options to push ourselves to the degree we choose.    I am so grateful to Chuna for the flexibility she has encouraged in me.                    At 75 years of age I envision being a student of yoga for at least fifty more years!
Marcy Pugh - 2019



I have taken many Yoga classes with different instructors.

I finally found the BEST in Chuna.

Her classes are a true yoga journey.