Yoga Teacher Training

200 hrs RYS

Core Curriculum

In June 2019, Yoga Alliance launched new Elevated Standards to replace our Legacy Standards underlying the foundational Registered Yoga School (RYS) 200 credential. This adaptation substantially increases the baseline for this credential, providing consistency across RYS 200s and building confidence in the quality and safety of service that our members deliver to their communities. Under these modernized standards, each RYS also assesses the knowledge, skills, and experience of its trainees prior to certifying them as 200-hour teachers against this core curriculum.

HWC Curriculum for 200 hours YTT 2021

Section One

Technique, Training & Practice

Total hours – 75

Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation

Under this chapter the course covers the following major topics;
  • Historical context, poses specific to RYS.
  • Each pose and its correct alignment
  • Complete HWC sequencing
  • Types and benefits of meditation and pranayama in human life
  • Chanting mantras and mudras

Section Two

Anatomy & Physiology (online option)

Total hours – 30

Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics

Under this chapter the course covers the following major topics;
  • Human body systems- skeleton, muscular, respiratory, nervous system briefly.
  • Under the physiology, student can learn how the yoga postures and practice helps the overall human mind body systems.
  • learn about alignment and contradictions and adaptation.
  • Yoga and major muscle practice with yoga poses.

Section Three

Yoga Humanities (online option)

Total hours – 30

History, Philosophy & Ethics

Under this chapter the course covers the following major topics;
  • Study about 8 limbs of yoga which covers the philosophy and origin of yoga.
  • Study about yoga sutras.
  • Learn about ethical commitment of yoga alliance and practice of code of conduct.
  • Study of Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharat.
  • Study about Ayurveda and cooking yogi food.

Section Four

Professional essentials

Total hours – 50

Teaching Methodology, Professional development, Practicum

This course has to be hand on hand with the lead instructor or with the ERYT-500 instructor only.
  • Teacher must guide the following;
  • Sequences – Himalayan yoga sequencing
  • Pace
  • Environment
  • Cueing (verbal, visual, physical)
  • Lesson plan
  • Class management
  • Practice teaching in community
  • Observing and teaching other classes must include in these topics.
  • Yoga instructors will learn about marketing & promotion
  • Keep ethical commitments such as keeping certificate up to date and practicing code of conduct. Keeping continue education and keeping oneself consistence of learning and teaching.

HWC Curriculum for 200 hours YTT 2021

Section One

Technique, Training & Practice

Total hours – 50

Asanas, Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation and Mantras

Include and improve how to practice and teach each pose in class

Section Two

Teaching Methodology

Total hours – 5

Principles of demonstration observation assisting and correcting each pose.
Teacher’s qualities, marketing, time management, addressing especial issues and requirements.

Section Three

Yoga Philosophy

Total hours – 25

Deeper study of yoga sutras, Ramayana and Mahabharat to study the ethics for yoga instructors.
Student relationship and community teaching, sewa.
Learn about deeper in 8 limbs of yoga

Section Four

Anatomy and Physiology

Total hours – 10

Study about body systems and organs.
Study about chakras, nadis and energy flow.
Use anatomical principles in teaching yoga.

Section Five

Anatomy and Physiology

Total hours – 30

Teaching in community classes.
Receiving and giving feedback and repeating the sequences.
Assisting students and observing others classes in safe manners.

Section Six

Elective Subjects

Total hours – 150

Yoga Classes

Chuna Teaches Yoga Classes. This includes small and private classes which can be highly focused.

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Sound Energy Healing / Meditation

Singing Bowls

Healing Bowls

and Gongs

are skillfully used to apply vibrational energy to the body to enhance your charkas and meditation; yielding a better you.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.02.51 PM

Yoga with purpose

Traditional Yoga with purpose and understanding of what and why you are doing. With the success of feeling recharge.

Sound Energy Healing / Meditation Sessions

The North Denver Sound Energy Healing / Meditation Sessions schedule:

Due to Corona-19 Virus

We are temporarily stopping Gong Sessions

Email: [email protected]


Text: 720-988-8666

to reserve your spot.

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